WEST VALLEY CITY — The West Valley City Historical Society is currently seeking individuals or families who are descendants of and can provide information about the city's first settlers.

Several pioneer founding families settled in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the areas that would become Hunter, Granger and Chesterfield, and later, West Valley City. “It is important that we retain the rich heritage of the founding families of our community,” said D’An Wadsworth, the head of the West Valley City Historical Society. “They are the pioneers and founders of our city.”

Many descendants of these original pioneer families still reside in the area, while others have moved to other locations. As families have left the area, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain accurate information about these first settlers and their following generations.

The society is seeking to gather information about these families, including photographs of people and structures. Additionally, the society is looking for personal and family histories to add to its archives and collections. The stories and images will be available to the public for future reference.

Anyone interested in contributing information to the archives may contact Wadsworth at 801-966-8659 or project chairman Bill Barton at 801-978-3363.