SALT LAKE CITY — Lawmakers in Montana think it’s time to put roadkill meat to good use. The state House cleared a bill that would legalize roadkill meat consumption.

In Utah, the practice is legal, but Phil Douglass with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources doesn’t recommend it.

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“The condition of the animal is pretty poor as a result of the collision,” Douglass said. “They usually have lots of hemorrhaging, lots of bruising, and they’re just not in good condition.”

Utah's law only allows eating big game animals, and usually, needy families receive their meat.

“We do have a donation slip we give to people,” Douglass said. “We actually have a list of people who are wanting this type of thing. If they’re in a needy situation, they can just give us a call, and we can put them on a list.”

Of course, striking animals deliberately is illegal.

Peter Samore