RICHFIELD — An 18-year-old woman apparently didn't realize she had been shot until she collapsed while taking a walk Sunday.

Cheyenne Hibberd and Jesse Warenski, 22, had been driving around when a tire on his truck went flat and they went to a family member's home to change it, said Sevier County Sheriff Nathan Curtis. While the vehicle was up on a jack, Warenski reached into the back seat of the truck to retrieve the tire iron to get the lug nuts off.

Hibberd was just walking out of the home after using the bathroom when she heard a gun go off. Curtis said she later told police that "all she could think about was taking a walk."

During the walk, Hibberd felt a pain on the left side of her stomach, noticed she was bleeding, but kept walking. Warenski followed and called for help when Hibberd later collapsed.

Hibberd was flown to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo for treatment of a gunshot wound, which appeared to be a large caliber round, from a .30-06 rifle, according to police. The bullet exited the woman's body and left no trace inside.

Curtis said detectives do not believe the shooting was intentional.

Wendy Leonard, Twitter: wendyleonards