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Ravell Call, Deseret News
High school state championship wrestling match at Utah Valley University in Orem, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013

OREM — When Altamont defending state champion wrestler Chance Goodrich suffered a season-ending knee injury the week before region, doubt immediately started to creep into coach Cory Allred’s mind.

All year he knew the 1A state title would likely come down to Altamont and Monticello, and he wasn’t sure his team could overcome losing so many valuable points.

It turns out the Longhorns were just fine.

Altamont finished with four individual champs Saturday night at the UCCU Center, including the historic fourth of Kyle Foy’s career, en route to a 181-162 triumph over Monticello for the school’s fourth-straight 1A state title.

“It feels pretty awesome. It shows how much we enjoy doing the sport and how much time we put into practices. It’s not really a team sport. It’s more of a family sport,” said Altamont 220-pound champion Cassidy Smith.

Like his coach, Smith had some lingering doubts after Goodrich's injury, but a team meeting before region changed all that.

“It took a little bit of talking to to get us turned around, but once we had our attitude set we knew we wouldn’t be stopped,” said Smith.

Smith was one of four repeat champions for Altamont, along with Brady Farnsworth (106), Rylee Foy (160) and Kyle Foy (170).

Farnsworth and Rylee Foy, both sophomores, are on pace to follow the example set by Kyle Foy on Saturday night and join the exclusive four-timer club.

It didn’t take Kyle Foy long to secure his fourth career title as he pinned Bryce Valley’s Joshua Rose just 36 seconds into the match.

“I wanted it bad,” said Foy, who had never wrestled the junior Rose prior to the 1A final.

“I don’t think other sports realize how much dedication it takes to win four, freshman year on up. It’s just hard to put in the time, but Kyle’s put in the time,” said Allred.

As important as Altamont’s individual champs were to the team title, so too was a wrestler like Blake Thompson. With Goodrich out at 138 pounds, he wrestled up a weight and earned valuable second-place points.

Monticello actually finished with more individual state champions than Altamont, with Hunter Bowring (120), Brian Robinson (126), Cole Eldredge (145), Austin Wilcox (182) and Nephi Barlow (195) all finishing first.

For Robinson it was his third straight title, while Eldredge and Wilcox won for the second straight year.

Duchesne’s Christian Mahan was another repeat champ at 152 pounds.

Other individual champs in 1A were Duchesne’s Lane Coil (106), Piute’s Zack Allen (132), Rich’s Dyson Barker (138) and Rich’s Kade Earley (285).

Class 1A

Team scores

1. Altamont, 181; 2. Monticello, 162; 3. Wayne, 114.5; 4. Rich, 103; 5. Duchesne, 87; 6. Panguitch, 81; 7. Milford, 49; 8. Piute, 39.5; 9. Whitehorse, 35; 10. Bryce Valley, 34.

Individual results

106 — Championship, Lane Coil, Duchesne def. Jade Holm, Milford, 10-4; 3. Jaden Ellett, Wayne; 4. Ryder Wright, Milford.

113 — Championship, Brady Farnsworth, Altamont def. Tanner Jeffery, Wayne, Pin 1:22; 3. Hayden Ivie, Duchesne; 4. Justin Redd, Monticello.

120 — Championship, Hunter Bowring, Monticello def. Preston Stephenson, Wayne, 2-1; 3. Jake Beckstead, Panguitch; 4. Braiden Clayburn, Duchesne.

126 — Championship, Brian Robinson, Monticello def. Austin Trapp, Piute, 4-1; 3. Jesse Montague, Duchesne; 4. Alec Silva, Rich.

132 — Championship, Zack Allen, Piute def. Brandon Musselman, Monticello, Pin 2:42; 3. Sam Vasquez, Panguitch; 4. Taylon Payne, Milford.

138 — Championship, Dyson Barker, Rich def. Blake Thompson, Altamont, 6-2; 3. Max Smith, Panguitch; 4. Adam Platt, Bryce Valley.

145 — Championship, Cole Eldredge, Monticello def. Derrik Thompson, Altamont, Pin 1:23; 3. Tyson Chilly, Whitehorse; 4. Tyler Tolman, Milford.

152 — Championship, Christian Mahan, Duchesne def. Dakota Clark, Rich, 7-2; 3. Ryan Lee, Wayne; 4. Garrett Wolfley, Panguitch.

160 — Championship, Rylee Foy, Altamont def. Tommy Calkins, Diamond Ranch, 3-0; 3. Geoffery Taylor, Rich; 4. Trenton Pearson, Milford.

170 — Championship, Kyle Foy, Altamont def. Joshua Rose, Bryce Valley, Pin 0:36; 3. Luke Wells, Wayne; 4. Cameron Woodruff, Diamond Ranch.

182 — Championship, Austin Wilcox, Monticello def. Cody Mitchell, Altamont, Pin 2:48; 3. Isak Pei, Wayne; 4. Donnie Corwin, Panguitch.

195 — Championship, Nephi Barlow, Monticello def. Rowdy Josie, Panguitch, 3-1; 3. Denver Knight, Altamont; 4. Mason Huffaker, Rich.

220 — Championship, Cassidy Smith, Altamont def. Jared Alvey, Wayne, Pin 7:00; 3. PJ Leiatauna, Monticello; 4. Brandon Lansing, Whitehorse.

285 — Championship, Kade Earley, Rich def. Jake Johnson, Rich, Pin 1:24; 3. Stephon Melo, Altamont; 4. Shawn Carter, Whitehorse.