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Amy Donaldson
Panguitch's 55-26 victory over Duchesne in the 1A State Championship Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013.

RICHFIELD - No one knew just what to expect from the young Panguitch team this season, least of all their long-time coach.

"This is a great group of girls and to go out on a win is fun," said head coach Curtis Barney. "I think they way over-achieved winning the regular season championship." But the team showed it's youth in the Region 20 tournament, finishing third and drawing second-ranked Rich in the first round of the 1A state tournament Wednesday.

"That would have been a great semifinal match-up," Barney said. "But the brackets are the way they are, and they change every year. Getting a good spot does allow for a better draw and hopefully, you can go farther."

Barney isn't a fan of the Region 20 tournament, and theirs is the only region that plays a tournament to determine playoff seeding.

"I think you go in where you place in the region," he said. "But the girls did bounce back (after the Rich loss), and I think we have a lot to look forward to in the future."

He said the team is made up of smart, hard working, multi-sport athletes.

"Theyre are a lot of good, young, skilled athletes on the team, and hopefully this experience leaves a taste in their mouth for more next year," he said.

The Bobcats were led by Darri Frandsen, who scored a game-high 25 points. Whittni Orton and Taylor Bennett added eight points each and Chesney Campbell scored seven.

Duchesne was led by a youngster - freshman forward Mashaylee Giles who scored 11 points.

"It was a good season," said Eagle head coach Jared Torgerson. "It was good to end our season by coming here and staying all four days." He said the ride had been a bit "up and down," but pointed to the win over Monument Valley as a high point.

"That gave them a boost," he said. "They really came together and stepped up."

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