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"Follow the Prophets: 52 FHE Lessons from Latter-day Prophets" is by Rebecca K. Irvine.

"FOLLOW THE PROPHETS: 52 FHE Lessons from Latter-Day Prophets," by Rebecca Irvine, Covenant Communications, $10.99, 204 pages (nf)

In “Follow the Prophets: 52 FHE Lessons from Latter-Day Prophets,” every prophet from the prophet Joseph Smith through President Thomas S. Monson is featured in lessons based on what that particular prophet was best known for teaching. The lessons include activities for all ages.

Author Rebecca K. Irvine lays out a short lesson as well as multiple options for an activity. That could involve printing off activity pages for your children, including coloring pages, mazes, scripture chases, and more. The answers are included in the back of the book and the actual printouts are provided on a CD-ROM.

There are also activity suggestions for older children or adults include going to the bishop’s storehouse, watching videos related to specific topics, or visiting websites to help you make plans for scripture study or planning your financial future.

The beginning of each prophet’s section includes a short biography of their life and their testimony. After that, the author lists bullet-point facts including important dates and events in their life. Each prophet section has three to five lessons about their teachings. Each lesson includes a purpose, gospel principles, scripture references, a hymn and a children’s song from the Children’s Songbook, the lesson, about three different activities to choose from, and additional resources.

The purpose of the book is to instill more insight about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and grow closer as a forever family.

Irvine offers five steps for using the book effectively: First, review the lessons ahead of time and decide which ones you’d like to use around holidays or important dates. Second, delegate the lesson, scripture, activity, and possibly the treat, to members of your family. Irvine said, “Children are more likely to remember the lessons if they’re more involved and help teach.” Third, print and copy the resources from the CD. Fourth, enjoy the lessons and family time. Finally, display the prophets' pictures at home.

Irvine’s book provides 52 lessons, that’s one for each week of the year, as well as backgrounds for all 16 prophets that all have the potential to help families gain more understanding of the LDS Church's leaders.

Ashlynn Green is a wife, a daughter, a sister, a pug-lover and a huge believer in the family.