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"Some Enchanted Evening" is a CD by Dallyn Vail Bayles and includes a dozen Broadway songs.

"SOME ENCHANTED EVENING," by Dallyn Vail Bayles, Winsome Media, $16.98

"Some Enchanted Evening" is the latest album by accomplished singer and actor Dallyn Vail Bayles.

Bayles is a talented artist who is no stranger to musicals — the focus of his latest album.

His prolific career includes prominent roles in Broadway touring companies and regional theater, including Hale Centre Theatre in Orem. A former member of Brigham Young University’s Young Ambassadors, Bayles has entertained audiences around the world. He was given the honor of performing at the 85th birthday celebration of President Thomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is well known for his moving portrayal of Hyrum Smith in “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration.” Bayles is a Mormon and lives in Utah.

This is Bayles’ third solo album. His first two CDs focus on songs with spiritual overtones. "Some Enchanted Evening" is his first solo album that focuses exclusively on songs from Broadway musicals.

In particular, Bayles writes on the inside cover of the album that his song choices are “a mix of timeless and contemporary Broadway songs that tell the familiar story of the joys and challenges that love brings.”

Some of what Bayles presents in this 12-song album is unoriginal and falls flat, but the vast majority of the album provides listeners with a fun and uplifting experience. Tracks such as “Something’s Coming” offer less energy than is traditionally found in interpretations of the song, and the title track was disappointingly unoriginal.

However, his approach to songs such as “Lily’s Eyes,” “In Whatever Time We Have,” and “The Impossible Dream” show why Bayles is such a tremendous talent.

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The caliber of his voice is never in question, but what truly separates Bayles from much of the pack is the almost tangible passion that can be felt as he temporarily assumes the role of the character singing each song. While Bayles creates the album’s sound, it is the voices of Don Quixote — Cinderella’s prince — and Archibald Craven that listeners hear.

For the majority of the album in which Bayles is at his acclaimed best, he achieves his self-proclaimed goal to both entertain and provide “a source of hope and inspiration because of the messages these songs contain about what matters most in life.”

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