SPANISH FORK — A man who police say attempted to rob a house while the family slept was arrested after a violent struggle with the homeowners.

Aaron Shepherd, 25, of Salem, was arrested Wednesday night for investigation of aggravated burglary and burglary after police say he broke into a home near 800 East and 500 North and then got into a fight with the homeowners after waking them up.

The incident began after 11 p.m. when police say Shepherd went into the basement of the home to look for items to steal. When he turned on the basement light, he woke up the teen son who was sleeping there.

The teen's father said the intruder then said, "What's up, dude?"

The teen started screaming, waking his mother and father. The father chased Shepherd to the driveway and held him while the mother called 911, according to Spanish Fork police.

While holding Shepherd, he pulled out a knife and stabbed the father, police said. When the mother tried to help, her hand was sliced. By the time officers arrived, several people were helping to hold Shepherd down, police said. Both parents were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.

In Shepherd's mug shot from the Utah County Jail, he has a large cut across his forehead, apparently from the struggle.

Police believe Shepherd attempted to rob another nearby resident. A neighbor found a stranger in his garage earlier in the evening and scared him off before calling police.

Police and the homeowners said Shepherd seemed highly intoxicated at the time of the burglary. They believe he got into an unlocked car outside the house and opened the garage using the garage door opener in the vehicle, giving him access to the home.

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