Safe Haven Productions
Josh Duhamel and Mimi Kirkland star in "Safe Haven."

Violence/danger: Scenes of domestic violence are shown. A man and a woman are fighting over a gun and it goes off. A child is caught upstairs in a building on fire. One man uses bullying to get his way. A boy falls off a dock into the water. One character has some blood on her as she runs down the street.

Comment on this story

Nudity/sensuality: A couple is together in bed. Only bare backs are shown but it is clear what is happening in the scene. The scene is short and the couple is shown in bed only one other time. At that time they are only talking.

Alcohol: One character abuses alcohol and is driving while drinking. He is intoxicated to some degree in many of his scenes.

The plot of "Safe Haven" moves at just the right pace. It does not assume that the characters have developed feelings for each other, nor is it so slow that it drags. Everything feels right about this couple falling in love. There is a nice twist at the end that results in a good family message. An audience of ages 14 and above would be fitting for this film.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.