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Alice Englert in "Beautiful Creatures."

Violence: Much of the violence comes from the actions of the "casters." Fighting between the dark and the light factions of the family results in some accidents and one death. Many threats are thrown around as well as insults. There is a Civil War re-enactment scene with some gunplay.

Sensuality: The characters from the dark side are sensual, especially Ridley. She wears sheer outfits and enjoys toying with men’s minds, since she is a siren. She controls their thoughts and makes them do her bidding. She rewards them with physical gratifications, though only kissing is shown on screen.

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Supernatural: In this story there are people trying to explain the connection between witchcraft and religion. There is no conclusion drawn in the film. There are scenes of weather being controlled and plants capturing people. One person talks to the dead.

Despite "Beautiful Creatures" not being a scary film, there are some darker moments. This is not “Twilight” with witches. It is much better than that. Since there is not much blood or skin shown, taking children 14 and older would seem appropriate.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.