Mike Terry for the Deseret Morning News
A tray full of skewered strawberries await placement in fruit arrangements that resemble flower bouquets. Each basket was made fresh each morning at Edible Arrangements in Murray.

Since true love is to last forever, choosing pricey, short-lifed gifts may not be the best demonstration of it, according to an article by GoBankingRates. Here are four items with increased prices in February to watch out for.

Edible fruit bouquets

The average fruit bouquet is a $100 setback. If you want a party or banquet size, the cost reaches into the $200 range.

One dozen roses

As these have become the trademark of Valentine’s Day, the high demand drives up the cost. One bouquet can run $100 and up.

Dining out and V-Day menus

In 2012, the National Retail Foundation said the total dinner check for Valentine’s dining would be $3.6 billion, and that doesn’t include gratuity.

Jewel-encrusted desserts

Possibly the world’s most expensive cupcake has little to do with the incredible quality of the pastry and more to do with the 8-carat diamond ring on top. It costs $55,000.

Other companies provide edible investments like a box of chocolates from Vosges-Haut Chocolat. This $1,095 treat box offers samplings of every chocolate, bonbon and truffle the company has.

“Cheaper” alternatives are a $95 pair of edible but wearable heels. Or a jumbo-sized Hershey bar for $39.

Try finding a gift that is more likely to stick around and doesn’t choke your financial plans.

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