Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Nurse Kathy Miller and Lester Puckett discuss Puckett's numerous prescriptions at University Hospital in 2011.

Health care costs are one of the biggest family expenses, but there are six simple ways to shave down on those costs, according to an article by The Confident Mom.

Flexible spending account

If your employer offers a flexible spending account, use it. It diverts pre-tax salary to cover out-of-pocket expenses on health care like co-pays, deductibles, orthodontia, over-the-counter medicines and fertility treatment.

Mail ordering

For prescription medications, ordering them through the mail cuts the cost. You order three months of prescriptions at a lower rate than buying one month at a time. Ask the doctor what the generic equivalent to the drug is and use that.


Sometimes doctors have samples of a new drug. Sometimes you can get these samples and they last long enough to not get the prescription at all.


Before you buy the medicine, do a Google search on it to see it there are coupon offers.

Discount cards

Pharmacies sometimes offer discount cards. Compare pharmacies in your area to see what they offer on prescription discounts.

Compare online

Extremely expensive medicine can be checked at sites like PharmacyChecker and DestinationRX, where you search for the drug to compare prices at online pharmacies. The online price may not be lower than those that the local pharmacy offers, though. Make sure the site you are searching is certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy by looking for a blue oval seal that says “VIPPS.”

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