RICHFIELD — The 2A wrestling divisional championships produced one runaway winner and one tight battle this weekend inside the Sevier Valley Center.

When all was said and done Saturday, Millard scored 368.5 points to easily beat South Sevier (225) and the rest of the field in Division A, while Beaver squeaked out an eight-and-a-half point win over North Sevier, 324-315.5, in Division B.

Millard had wrestlers in the championship match in 13 of 14 weight classifications and won eight championships. Grand County High School had three first-place winners while Richfield High School had two and South Sevier one.

In Division B, Beaver claimed five first-place finishes while North Sevier secured four. Manti had two first-place champions while Enterprise, South Summit and American Leadership Academy each had one.

Beaver head coach Robbie Bradshaw was thrilled for his team after they won their first divisional championship in many years. "Our kids worked hard", he said.

Millard, on the other hand, has now been in this familiar spot — at the top of its division — for many consecutive years.

The divisional tournament sets the seeding for eight wrestlers in each division for the upcoming state championships to be held this coming weekend at Utah Valley University. Millard is the clear favorite to repeat as 2A state champion but could be somewhat pushed by Beaver and North Sevier.

Gage Linquist of Grand County was named the mos outstanding wrestler in Division A lower weights, while Clearance Grant of South Sevier earned that honor in the upper-weight divisions. North Sevier's Brenden Sorenson received most outstanding wrestler honors in Divison B lower weights, while Anthony Gibson of Beaver won those honors in the upper-weight divisons.

Divison A

Team Scores

1. Millard 368.5

2. S. Sevier 225.0

3. Gunnison 168.0

4. Emery 166.0

5. Richfield 163.5

6. Grand 144.0

7. Summit Academy 105.0

8. North Summit 90.0

9. Kanab 68.0

Individual results

106 pounds

1-Tim White- Millard

2-McKoy Christiansen-Emery

3-Cameron Dickenson-Richfield

4-Caleb Rasmussen-Millard

5-Kameron Finlinson-Richfield

6-Russell Clarkson-Kanab

7-Mason Meacham-South Sevier

8-Josh Rogers-Gunnison

113 pounds

1-Gage Linquist-Grand

2-Payton Stott-Millard

3-David Fullmer-Millard

4-Jaden Peterson-South Sevier

5-Isaias Ruiz-Gunnison

6-Clancy Chatwin-Kanab

7-Nathan Clifford-Summit Academy

8-Houston Walbeck-Summit Academy

120 pounds

1-Nick Sorenson-Millard

2-Devin Morrison-Richfield

3-Garrett Chlarson-Millard

4-David Aviala-Gunnison

5-Thomas Beenfield-North Summit

6-Tanner Aldridge-South Sevier

7-Darius Slovernick-North Summit

8-Andrew Hugentobler-Grand

126 pounds

1- McCrae Thatcher-Millard

2-Wyatt Oveson-Emery

3-Caleb Jones-South Sevier

4-Cezely Collard-Emery

5-Layton Lewis-North Summit

6-Rodney Donn-Kanab

7-Dakota Carlson-Millard

8-Seth Holyoak Grand

132 pounds

1-Cody Curtis-Richfield

2-Chase Kelly-Millard

3-Logan Johnson-Millard

4-Devin Bishoff-South Sevier

5-Jason Lowe-North Summit

6-Robert Allred-Grand

7-Rosten McArthur-Gunnison

8-Adam Brinkworth-Emery

138 pounds

1-Rudy Acala-Millard

2-Jose Rodriquez-Millard

3-Paden Wells-Emery

4-Daniel Ogill-North Summit

5-Trever Tobler-South Sevier

6-Hunter Craghead-Summit Academy

7-Dagan Thomas-Gunnison

8-Andrew Gonzalez-Richfield

145 pounds

1-Justin Sorenson-Millard

2-Colton Tingey-Millard

3-Ryan Cox-Emery

4-Kevin Fuller-South Sevier

5-McKay Gleason-Summit Academy

6-Ronnie Dolphin-Grand

7-Baltazar Martinez-North Summit

8-Austin Biggs-Richfield

152 pounds

1-Trenton White-Grand

2-Kaden Masner-Millard

3-Brock Bastain-South Sevier

4-Rylon Brinkerhoff-Millard

5-Jayden Rogers-Gunnison

6-Matt Mecham-Emery

7-Austin Burr-Gunnison

8-Josh Bruse-Richfield

160 pounds

1-Clearance Grant-South Sevier

2-McKade Cox-Gunnison

3-Quigley Whitaker-Millard

4-Cole Guymon-Emery

5-Daniel Bosch-Summit Academy

6-Kenniddee Byington-Emery

7-Kade Bartholomew-Millard

8-Kaden Whitney-Gunnison

170 pounds

1-DonE Fullmer-Millard

2-Blake Sasine-Summit Academy

3-Quincy Cox-Gunnison

4-James Oldroyd-South Sevier

5-Dylan Petersen-Gunnison

6-Derik Carter-Millard

7-Trenton Utley-Richfield

8-Austin Richins-North Summit

182 pounds

1-Gordon Whitaker-Millard

2-Ryan Fisher-Richfield

3-Nathan McKay-Summit Academy

4-Austin Day-Grand

5-Vidal Salas-Gunnison

6-Jordan Day-Millard

7-Tanner Guernsey-Kanab

8-Easton Roundy-South Sevier

195 pounds

1-Jadon Ross-Richfield

2-Victor Young-Millard

3-Bryce Bair-South Sevier

4-Nate Bowman-Kanab

5-George Sorenson-Emery

6-Caden Carter-Millard

7-Tyler Lancaster-Summit Academy

8-Josh Gonzales-Emery

220 pounds

1-Jeremy Aleman-Millard

2-Brenz Staples-North Summit

3-Kendon Huff-Emery

4-Ky Jensen-Emery

5-Matt Meacham-Gunnison

6-Braden Izatt-Summit Academy

7-Taylor Oldroyd-South Sevier

8-Austin Rheinheart-Millard

285 pounds

1-Edgar Gomez-Grand

2-Braden Dixon-Millard

3-Trent Christensen-South Sevier

4-Tyler Neztsosie-South Sevier

5-McCoy Roberts-Gunnison

6-Duncan Thomas-Emery

7-Austin Stanley-Independent

Divison B

Team Scores

1. Beaver 324.0

2. N. Sevier 315.5

3. S. Summit 203.0

4. Manti 184.0

5. Enterprise 166.5

6. ALA 105.0

7. San Juan 104.0

8. Parowan 93.0

9. Wasatch Academy 17.0

Individual results

106 pounds

1-Kyle Evans-Beaver

2-Braxton Maxwell-North Sevier

3-Pasen Woolstenhulme-South Summit

4-Dominik Perkins-San Juan

5-Tate Black-Beaver

6-J.R. Peacock-South Summit

7-Chaz Womack-Enterprise

8-Dalton Jones-North Sevier

113 pounds

1-Matt Lee-South Summit

2-Tyson Roberts-Manti

3-Damon Quintana-Beaver

4-Kenyon Green-Beaver

5-Trevor Otten-North Sevier

6-Jase Anderson-Enterprise

7-Jaden Olsen-Independent

8-Cody Willams-South Summit

120 pounds

1-Henry Bills-North Sevier

2-Landon Palmer-Manti

3-James Olsen-Manti

4-Grady Murdock-Beaver

5-Tallon Lopshire-Beaver

6-Trevor Long-Parowan

7-Hector Carlos-Independent

8-Jacob Chadburn-Enterprise

126 pounds

1-Kameron Fowles-Manti

2-Dillon Thurston-North Sevier

3-Weston Larson-Wasatch Academy

4-Colt Evans-Beaver

5-Hayden Udy-North Sevier

6-Braiden Bradshaw-Beaver

7-Christian Neuenswander-South Summit

8-Cody Walk-Manti

132 pounds

1-Logan Lozano-Beaver

2-Clayland Curtis-North Sevier

3-Brett Miller-North Sevier

4-Nathan Hatton-Parowan

5-Chandler Rose-South Summit

6-Bradlee Clegg-Enterprise

7-Keaton Fails-Beaver

8-Bryce Hedelius-Manti

138 pounds

1-Kevin Hill-North Sevier

2-Dallin Jacobsen-San Juan

3-Tyrell Myers-Beaver

4-Clay Fullmer-Beaver

5-Quinn Zimmerman-South Summit

6-Jacob Clark-Enterprise

7-Orlando Quezada-Parowan

8-Cameron Bingham-Manti

145 pounds

1-Brendon Sorenson-North Sevier

2-Jamen Littlefield-Beaver

3-J.J. Doughtery-Enterprise

4-Braxton Baker-North Sevier

5-Jessie Willams-Enterprise

6-Jason McDaniel-San Juan

7-Braxton Wilson-Beaver

8-Adrian Gandarilla-South Summit

152 pounds

1-Anthony Gibson-Beaver

2-Cash Allred-North Sevier

3-David Koller-Enterprise

4-Chance Niesporek-South Summit

5-Sean Halterman-Parowan

6-Carter Yardley-Beaver

7-Jace Card-South Summit

8-Truston Barlocker-Enterprise

160 pounds

1-Bailey Bradshaw-Beaver

2-Desmond Honeycutt-North Sevier

3-Quinn Hicken-South Summit

4-Jens Grover-San Juan

5-Jon Biasi-Parowan

6-Joe Holt-Enterprise

7-Russell Landes-ALA

8-Caleb Harris-Manti

170 pounds

1-Travis Gillman-Beaver

2-Nathan Adair-Manti

3-Marshall Roundy-North Sevier

4-Grant Ritter-ALA

5-Bryant Christensen-Manti

6-Tanner Burdick-Enterprise

7-Devin Harris-Beaver

8-Wyatt Andreason-North Sevier

182 pounds

1-Dylan Brown-Manti

2-Rob Reber-Enterprise

3-Ty Clegg-South Summit

4-Dallon Murdock-Beaver

5-Kasey Jacobsen-Parowan

6-Mason Lyman-North Sevier

7-Kadan Beacham-Beaver

8-Trevor Buck-San Juan

195 pounds

1-Colin Lyman-North Sevier

2-Benson Porter-ALA

3-Dallin Langford-Beaver

4-Hunter Angell-South Summit

5-Moises Pardes-Independent

6-McKennon Ericson-Beaver

7-Josh Mackey-Manti

8-Bryson Cole-Manti

220 pounds

1-Dylan Tripp-Enterprise

2-Tyler Terry-Beaver

3-Jesse Durrant-North Sevier

4-Trevor Williams-ALA

5-Brandon Davis-Manti

6-Michael Yost-South summit

7-Trager Bradshaw-Beaver

8-Josh Calloway-Parowan

285 pounds

1-Oaks Morley-ALA

2-Koleton Moon-Manti

3-Carson Kinross-Beaver

4-Bo Owen-North Sevier

5-Lakeem Benally-San Juan

6-Erick Hicken-South Summit

7-Alexis Alonso-ALA

8-Jeffery Lee-San Juan

Clint Johnson is a cattle rancher in Southern Utah, member of the Sevier School District Board of Education, and father of three. He can be reached at