According to police, two men were out in the garage when one began racking a handgun to eject a round. The gun discharged and shot the other individual in the stomach.

RIVERTON  — A man cleaning his handgun accidentally shot his friend in the stomach Saturday afternoon in an incident police say should serve as caution for others.

The shooting victim, 34, was taken to Intermountain Medical Center after the 2:04 p.m. shooting at 1411 W. 11940 South, according to Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal.

Hoyal said the men were out in the garage when the 25-year-old began racking the gun to eject a round. The gun discharged.

"I guess the message here is if you are handling a gun, cleaning a gun, always keep it pointed in a safe direction," Hoyal said.

The shooting victim is expected to recover.

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