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Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
5A state swimming championships at BYU in Provo on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013.

PROVO — Brighton is the most accomplished prep swimming program in the state. The Bengals emphasized that point with team titles in both the boys and girls competitions Friday at BYU.

The Brighton girls edged out Bingham, 311.5-288.5, while the boys completely blew away the competition — beating second-place Lehi 382-225.

“I’m so happy for my team and for all the work we’ve put in,” said Brighton senior star Long Gutierrez. “This is the fourth year in a row for us and it’s an amazing experience every time. It’s been such a great experience to be part of the Brighton program.”

Gutierrez led the way for the Bengals with three gold medals on the final night — one in the 100-yard butterfly and two in relays. He swam the first leg of the 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle relays, as the Bengals won both events.

Individually, he did break his own state record in the 100 fly, but was aiming a little bit higher.

“I wanted to break the national record, but I’ll take breaking my own record,” Gutierrez said. “This is my best event and I did the best I could, so that’s all I can do. It’s a good way to finish up as a senior.”

Meanwhile, the Wolfgram sisters stole the show in the girls competition. A day after winning her first title in the 100-yard freestyle, freshman Autumn Wolfgram took first in the 100-yard butterfly with older sister, Amelia Wolfgram, winning gold in 100-yard backstroke.

“I’m so proud of Sister and all the work she’s put in — she’s earned it,” Amelia, who is a junior, said. “I’ve been able to win before, but it’s a lot more fun with your sister competing with you.”

Both sisters helped West to a second-place in the 400-yard freestyle relay, which was won by Lone Peak.

The Knights proved dominant in the girls 500-yard freestyle — taking first (Rachel Hubert), third (Jordan Verdejo) and fourth (Samantha Patterson) in the event. West Jordan’s Brinton Jarren took home the gold for the men for the same distance.

Other standouts included Alta’s Brianna Francis, who blew away the competition by almost a full five seconds in the 100-yard breaststroke. Pleasant Grove’s Nathan Bramhall broke the 5A state record in the boys 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 57.54.

Kristine Pataray of Copper Hills took gold in the girls 100-yard freestyle while Cottonwood’s Jordan Dahle took first in the men’s 100 free. It was the second individual gold in two nights for both of them.

Lehi’s Trevor Blackburn won the boys 100-yard backstroke — edging out Lone Peak’s Christopher Nielson by just 0.14 seconds.

5A boys results

Team Competition

1. Brighton 382; 2. Lehi 225; 3. Cottonwood 206; 4. Lone Peak 172.50; 5. Kearns 156; 6. Pleasant Grove 142.

Individual results

100-yard Butterfly: 1. Long Gutierrez, Brighton, 48.68; 2. Hunter O’Neal, Brighton, 52.47; 3. Christopher Nielson, Lone Peak, 53.44; 4. Brian O’Neal, Brighton, 53.79; 5. Kade Hunter, Lone Peak, 54.63; 5. Daulton Swan, Viewmont, 54.63.

100-yard Freestyle: 1. Jordan Dahle, Cottonwood, 45.96; 2. Brock Harries, Brighton, 47.60; 3. Aaron Cookson, Pleasant Grove, 48.84; 4. Chandler Ward, Weber, 48.96; 5. Parker Sorensen, Riverton, 49.34; 6. Bryce Pearson, Kearns, 49.52.

500-yard Freestyle: 1. Jarren Brinton, West Jordan, 4:41.83; 2. Jayden Rasband, Alta, 4:48.29; 3. Ethan Pollock, American Fork, 4:53.50; 4. Kyle Darling, Hunter, 4:54.82; 5. Matt Templeman, Brighton, 4:57.03; 6. Carson Malen, Brighton, 4:57.47.

200-yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Brighton (Long Gutierrez, Hunter O’Neal, Brian O’Neal, Brock Harries) 1:27.34; 2. Lone Peak (Parker Freeman, Kade Hunter, Christopher Nielson, Gray Anderson) 1:29.70; 3. Kearns (Tristan Spoerri, Walker Giles, Adam Parkinson, Bryce Pearson) 1:31.28; 3. Pleasant Grove (Nathan Bramhall, Josh Vincent, Caden Allred, Aaron Cookson) 1:31.28; 5. Copper Hills (Jorgen Jensen, Spencer Thurman, Braden Jensen, Hunter Neal) 1:31.51; 6. Lehi (Colton Lindstrom, Tyler Blackburn, John Morris, Cameron Hegemann) 1:31.62.

100-yard Backstroke: 1. Trevor Blackburn, Lehi, 52.76; 2. Christopher Nielson, Lone Peak, 53.31; 3. Jayden Rasband, Alta, 54.21; 4. Trick Graf, Brighton, 54.94; 5. Brendan Nguyen, Cottonwood, 55.37; 6. Jorgen Jensen, Copper Hills, 55.83.

100-yard Breaststroke: 1. Nathan Bramhall, Pleasant Grove, 57.54; 2. Zack Bradshaw, Lone Peak, 1:01.09; 3. Nathan Peercy, Kearns, 1:02.12; 4. Ben Halls, Davis, 1:02.20; 5. Ryland Savage, Alta, 1:03.68; 6. Jake Butters, Lone Peak, 1:03.77.

400-yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Brighton (Long Gutierrez, Hunter O’Neal, Brian O’Neal, Brock Harries) 3:10.51; 2. Cottonwood (Brendan Nguyen, Koji Aoki, Casey Kitchens, Jordan Dahle) 3:15.83; 3. Lehi (Jared Smith, Gavin Doel, Cameron Hegemann, Trevor Blackburn) 3:16.24; 4. Copper Hills (Hunter Neal, Jacob Eisert, Braden Jensen, Jorgen Jensen) 3:20.64; 5. Pleasant Grove (Caden Allred, Christian Rosenvall, Aaron Cookson, Nathan Bramhall) 3:20.88; 6. American Fork (Ethan McAllister, Daryk Childs, Steven Okelberry, Ethan Pollock) 3:22.19.

5A girls results

Team competition

1. Brighton 311.5; 2. Bingham 288.5; 3. Lone Peak 274; 4. West 204; 5. Alta 171; 6. Viewmont 157.

Individual results

100-yard Butterfly: 1. Autumn Wolfgram, West, 57.55; 2. Alicia May, Alta, 59.20; 3. Kirsten Mathewson, Bingham, 59.97; 4. Katie Smith, Lone Peak, 1:00.05; 5. Kaitlyn Overstreet, Brighton, 1:00.59; 6. Grace Goddard, West, 1:01.14.

100-yard Freestyle: 1. Kristine Pataray, Copper Hills, 52.87; 2. Samantha Scoresby, Lone Peak, 53.09; 3. Claire Jackson, Hunter, 53.63; 4. Jordan Verdejo, Lone Peak, 55.64; 5. Natasha Kinney, Brighton, 56.01; 6. Olivia Nelson, Brighton, 56.30.

500-yard Freestyle: 1. Rachel Hubert, Lone Peak, 5:07.55; 2. Katy Daggett, Brighton, 5:24.11; 3. Jordan Verdejo, Lone Peak, 5:27.34; 4. Samantha Patterson, Lone Peak, 5:30.80; 5. Maddison Merrill, Bingham, 5:31.21; 6. Sam Buker, American Fork, 5:32.19.

200-yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lone Peak (Katie Smith, Jordan Verdejo, Rachel Hubert, Samantha Scoresby) 1:39.20; 2. Brighton (Katie Farrenkopf, Hailee Wiest, Natasha Kinney, Katy Daggett) 1:42.35; 3. Viewmont (Mariah Gassaway, McKenna Gassaway, Madi Ramos, Mikell Rapp) 1:42.81; 4. Bingham (Lindsay Westra, Leisel Bradshaw, Diana Olsen, Andee Guy) 1:43.25; 5. Kearns (Whitney Bloomquist, Samantha McElreath, Anna Parkinson, Alisa Gouge) 1:44.64; 6. American Fork (McKenna King, Katie Steele, Miranda Graves, Syd Young) 1:44.85.

100-yard Backstroke: 1. Amelia Wolfgram, West, 57.43; 2. Alisa Gouge, Kearns, 59.93; 3. Abbey Sorensen, Riverton, 1:00.52; 4. Mackenzie Barrow, Bingham, 1:02.02; 5. Kaitlyn Overstreet, Brighton, 1:02.12; 6. McKenna King, American Fork, 1:03.52.

100-yard Breaststroke: 1. Brianna Francis, Alta, 1:03.63; 2. Mariah Gassaway, Viewmont, 1:08.57; 3. Abby Alger, Brighton, 1:08.75; 4. McKenna Gassaway, Viewmont, 1:08.98; 5. Ciera Orr, Bingham, 1:10.00; Maddie Christensen, Riverton, 1:10.64.

400-yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lone Peak (Katie Smith, Jordan Verdejo, Samantha Scoresby, Rachel Hubert) 3:35.34; 2. West (Amelia Wolfgram, JC White, Grace Goddard, Autumn Wolfgram) 3:37.50; 3. Bingham (Kirsten Mathewson, Diana Olsen, Lindsay Westra, Mackenzie Barrow) 3:41.38; 4. Alta (Alicia May, Eden Jenson, Rachel Wedge, Brianna Fracis) 3:42.89; 5. Hunter (Claire Jackson, Mikayla Bambrick, Shae Simonson, Chelsea Weaver) 3:44.73; 6. Brighton (Katie Farrenkopf, Olivia Nelson, Anna Graf, Katy Daggett) 3:47.91.

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