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"Always smiling. Always positive," Lehi High School swimming coach Dennis Meyring said of his athlete Amy Chapman. Chapman, 17, is seen here doing just that during practice at the Lehi Legacy Center, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012.

PROVO — There weren't many surprises after the first eight events of the 5A swimming championships. Powerhouse Brighton holds the boys lead at 138 team points and is nipping at Bingham's heels for the girls lead — trailing just 108-98.

Leading the way for the Bengals was defending 200-yard individual medley champion Long Gutierrez. The state record-holder came just short of breaking his own record, but he was pleased nonetheless.

"I wanted to (break my record), but it was all right," Gutierrez said. "I guess I was tired and didn't feel it."

Gutierrez swam a time of 1:52.57 with Lehi's Tervor Blackburn taking second (1:54.82) and American Fork's Ethan Pollock taking third (1:59.66.)

Cottonwood's Jordan Dahle won the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:41.37. West Jordan's Jarren Brinton took second (1:44.32) and Jorgen Jensen of Copper Hills took third with a time of 1:47.67.

Pleasant Grove's Nathan Brimhall took the gold in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 21.64. Brighton's Brock Harries took second (22.65) with Weber's Chandler Ward taking third (22.93.)

Lehi finished second in team points on the men's side with 104 followed by Cottonwood's 85.

On the women's side, it was Alta senior Brianna Francis who stole the show — coming just short of her state record while taking gold in the 200-yard individual medley.

"I was way more nervous this year compared to last because it was my last year and all," Francis said. "This feels so great to go out like this and ... I couldn't be more happy even though I didn't break my record from last year."

Francis took the gold with a time of 2:04.52. Kearns' Alisa Gouge took second (2:11.95) and Bingham's Ciera Orr took third (2:15.77.)

West showed very strong on the women's side with freshman Autumn Wolfgram leading the way. After swimming the third leg of the gold medal-winning women's 200-yard freestyle relay Wolfgram took down an individual gold in the individual 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:54.65.

"I was so scared going in and I just tried to hang in there," Wolfgram said. "It was a fun race. ... I was kind of surprised (to win), but I'll take it."

Bingham senior Kirsten Mathewson took second with a time of 1:54.99. In a great act of sportsmanship, she aided Wolfgram in her victory. Seeing how nervous the young freshman was on the block next to her before the race, Mathewson lent words of encouragement.

"She came up there and comforted me and really calmed my emotions down," said Wolfgram.

Kristine Pataray of Copper Hills won gold in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 24.20. West's Amelia Wolfgram took second (24.28) and Alta's Alicia May took third with a time of 25.07.

5A boys results:

Team standings (through four events)

1. Brighton 138; 2. Lehi 104; 3. Cottonwood 85; 4. Kearns 62; 5. American Fork 46; T-6. Bingham 44; T-6. Hunter 44.

Individual results

200-yard medley relay: 1. Lehi (Trevor Blackburn, Tyler Blackburn, Jared Smith, Gavin Doel) 1:40.42; 2. Cottonwood (Brendan Nguyen, Austin Duran, Koji Aoki, Jordan Dahle) 1:40.66; 3. Lone Peak (Christopher Nielson, Jake Butters, Kade Hunter, Gray Anderson) 1:40.79; 4. Brighton (Sam Peters, Matt Templeman, Trick Graf, Tyler Barrett) 1:42.47; 5. Bingham (Grant Roberts, Peter Nelson, Devin Froerer, Rourke Stark) 1:42.55; 6. Alta (Jayden Rasband, Ryland Savage, Trip Affleck, Zachary Ahlmer) 1:44.68.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Jordan Dahle, Cottonwood, 1:41.37; 2. Jarren Brinton, West Jordan, 1:44.32; 3. Jorgen Jensen, Copper Hills, 1:47.67; 4. Aaron Cookson, Pleasant Grove, 1:47.79; 5. Trick Graf, Brighton, 1:48.28; 6. Devin Froerer, Bingham, 1:48.60.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Long Gutierrez, Brighton, 1:52.57; 2. Trevor Blackburn, Lehi, 1:54.82; 3. Ethan Pollock, American Fork, 1:59.66; 4. Matt Templeman, Brighton, 2:00.47; 5. Brendan Nguyen, Cottonwood, 2:02.10; 6. Brian O'Neal, Brighton, 2:03.32.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Nathan Bramhall, Pleasant Grove, 21.20; 2. Brock Harries, Brighton, 21.79; 3. Chandler Ward, Weber, 22.40; 4. Bryce Pearson, Kearns, 22.46; 5. Parker Sorensen, Riverton, 22.70; 6. Tristan Spoerri, Kearns, 22.83.

5A girls results:

Team standings (through four events)

1. Bingham 108; 2. Brighton 98; 3. Lone Peak 89; 4. West 77; 5. Alta 70; 6. Kearns 68.

Individual events

200-yard medley relay: 1. West (Amelia Wolfgram, Grace Goddard, Autumn Wolfgram, JC White) 1:50.10; 2. Brighton (Kaitlyn Overstreet, Abby Alger, Natasha Kinney, Hailee Wiest) 1:51.69; 3. Alta (Rachel Wedge, Brianna Francis, Ellie Maires, Alicia May) 1:52.67; 4. Bingham (Mackenzie Barrow, Ciera Orr, Kirsten Mathewson, Andee Guy) 1:53.59; 5. Kearns (Alisa Gouge, Rachel Butterfield, Sierra Erickson, Samantah McElreath) 1:57.21; 6. Viewmont (McKenna Gassaway, Mariah Gassaway, Sienna Smith, Hannah Hill) 1:58.09.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Autumn Wolfgram, West, 1:54.65; 2. Kirsten Mathewson, Bingham, 1:54.99; 3. Rachel Hubert, Lone Peak, 1:55.03; 4. Claire Jackson, Hunter, 2:00.06; 5. Katy Daggett, Brighton, 2:00.66; 6. McKenna King, American Fork, 2:00.80.

200-yard medley: 1. Brianna Francis, Alta, 2:04.52; 2. Alisa Gouge, Kearns, 2:11.95; 3. Ciera Orr, Bingham, 2:15.77; 4. Maddie Christensen, Riverton, 2:19.06; 5. Diana Olsen, Bingham, 2:20.02; 6. Shae Simonson, Hunter, 2:20.09.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Kristine Pataray, Copper Hills, 24.20; 2. Amelia Wolfgram, West, 24.28; 3. Alica May, Alta, 24.42; 4. Abbey Sorensen, Riverton, 24.49; 5. Samantha Scoresby, Lone Peak, 24.50; Katie Smith, Lone Peak, 24.84.

Diving Results

Girls final

1. Savanna Goudie, Murray (206.40)

2. Elaina Thomas, Skyline (191.50)

3. Maci Winn, Highland (179.40)

4. Ali Kooyman, Highland (172.15)

5. Kayla Frett, Bear River (162.35)

6. Sara Hancock, Pine View (159.60)

Boys final

1. Nathan Makarewicz, West (313.45)

2. Calvin Cook, Highland (227.35)

3. Keaton Quinn, Park City (219.30)

4. Thomas Fackrell, Brighton (182.20)

5. Clark Manwaring, Skyline (172.60)

6. Kale Winder, Snow Canyon (154.95)

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