Printable pieces for the new game "Moroni's Stealthy Spies."

Bible Video: In the newest Bible Video “Peter and John Are Judged,” Peter announces by what power they enact their mighty works. Click in to see his powerful speech and how those judging them reacted. “We cannot but speak the things we have both seen and heard.” Wow.

Whitney Awards: The finalists for the 2012 Whitney Awards have just been announced. Did your favorite Mormon fiction reads make the cut? And to make reading through all the nominees easier, this author/blogger has produced a printable “Whitney Finalists Checklist” that includes a library checklist. Awesome!

Board game: Mike at Mormon Game Design has provided a “Print-n-Play” game sparked by Alma 43:23 called Moroni’s Stealthy Spies: “For 2-4 players, age 6 and up, plays in 10-15 minutes. ... Players take on the role of Nephite spies sent by Captain Moroni to find Lamanite camps and discover their plans. You will need to provide your own 'spies.' I use small wooden cubes, but you could use anything that is about the size of a penny or so. You'll need 10 per person playing. Enjoy!” Click in to find the printable game board and instructions. Love it!

Today in the Bloggernacle: Printable game and fiction checklist

"Peter and John are Judged" is the newest Bible Video.

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