George Frey, George Frey
Brigham Young University Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae coaches in the BYU Eastern Illinois football game in Provo, Utah Saturday September 10, 2005. (AP Photo by George Frey)

PROVO — New BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae took to the podium for the first time since being re-hired as the team's offensive coordinator. Anae provided insight on why he left BYU for Arizona and why he chose to return to Provo:

Anae said he was surprised when BYU asked him to come back as he felt his opportunity with the school was over and done with.

He stated several times that he's back at BYU to "prove something" and feels he has a lot of unfinished work from his first stint here.

BYU coaches say Anae resigned back in 2010 even though coach Bronco Mendenhall asked him to stay.

Anae felt that it was necessary for, not only his own growth as a coach, but for the BYU program to step away for a couple of years.

Anae's two tenents in running an offense will be: No. 1, "play fast;" and No. 2, "play hard."

Anae affirmed that he will be coaching the offensive line along with newly hired coach Garrett Tujague. He defined himself as "Tujague's assistant offensive line coach."

Anae said he will work to incorporate the quarterback as part of his offensive attack, but is wary of overexposing the quarterback in that endevour.

He mentioned that he wants the offense to mimic what Mendenhall has accomplished on defense. He expects his offense, and particularly the offense line, to be the "hardest-working unit on the team."


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