In God We Trust license plate.

SALT LAKE CITY — The House passed a bill Monday that would create a new license plate proclaiming "In God We Trust" to raise money for groups promoting patriotic activities.

The sponsor of HB34, Rep. Val Peterson, R-Orem, said making the plate an option for Utah drivers will give them to opportunity to express their support for families, God, freedom and country.

Peterson said 200 people have said they would buy the plate if it becomes available and donations would cover the cost of another 100 plates. The state requires at least 500 Utahns to purchase a plate before it is made.

The bill passed the House 64-9 and now goes to the Senate. Rep Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville, said he voted against the bill because he opposes using license plates as a fundraising opportunity.

Lisa Riley Roche, Twitter: dnewspolitics