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Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
5A/4A state high school drill team championships at Utah Valley University in Orem on Friday, Feb. 1, 2013.

OREM — Friday's drill team state championships were held at the UCCU Center in Orem, and after eight hours of competition, one team won its fifth title in a row and another won its first-ever championship. Bountiful took first place in military style while finishing second in both dance and kick as it kept the titles rolling in for the 4A powerhouse.

Copper Hills had a clean sweep, winning each category and the first-ever state championship.

"I started three years ago and we finished third," said Copper Hills coach Shannon Mortensen. "The year after that we finished second and now this year we won it all. So I don't know what we'll do for an encore next year, especially since we had a clean sweep."

Bountiful's head coach Jan Whittaker's mantle just got a little more crowded, adding a coach of the year trophy for 4A to go along with the state championship. Despite winning five consecutive titles and 15 overall, it was her first-ever coach of the year honor, which explains her reaction following the news.

"Surprised," Whittaker said. "It's a real honor, but I wasn't expecting it."

Bountiful stole the show in the kick competition Friday night. The entire squad walked proudly to center stage on stilts and performed the entire number without skipping a beat. The reaction was immediate in the stands with cheering throughout and was followed up with a standing ovation, easily garnering the biggest applause of the night.

Friday night's competition included 4A and 5A with 1A, 2A and 3A to take place Saturday beginning at 11 a.m. The top five finishers are listed below:

4A coach of the year — Jan Whittaker (Bountiful) 5A coach of the year - Tracy Crimin (West)

4A Military — 5th, Bonneville; 4th, Mountain Crest; 3rd, Hillcrest; 2nd, Maple Mountain; 1st, Bountiful

5A Military — 5th, Hunter; 4th, Lone Peak; 3rd, Brighton; 2nd, Bingham; 1st, Copper Hills

4A Dance — 5th, Herriman; 4th, Bonneville; 3rd, Maple Mountain; 2nd, Bountiful; 1st, Hillcrest

5A Dance — 5th, Pleasant Grove; 4th, Lone Peak; 3rd, Brighton; 2nd, Bingham; 1st, Copper Hills

4A Kick — 5th, Maple Mountain; 4th, Hillcrest; 3rd, Westlake; 2nd, Bountiful; 1st, Mountain Crest

5A Kick — 5th, Hunte;r 4th, Pleasant Grove; 3rd, Syracuse; 2nd, Bingham; 1st, Copper Hills

4A — 5th, Bonneville; 4th, Mountain Crest; 3rd, Maple Mountain; 2nd, Hillcrest; 1st, Bountiful

5A — 5th, Hunter; 4th, Lone Peak; 3rd, Brighton 2nd, Bingham; 1st, Copper Hills

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