Find the hidden wisdom in the endnotes of a conference talk.

Conference notes: In your conference talk study, you might be missing some important parts of the talk. It’s kind of like a secret treasure trove of more general conference wisdom. Did you know “There's more in conference talk endnotes"? Not just sources, but actual quotes from general authorities. This blogger copies/links to many of them (and challenges you to go find the rest), including this note from Elder Russell M. Nelson: “Where I have phrased the invitation to 'ask the missionaries,' you could also ask a friend who is a member of the church for assistance.” Wow. It’s like this blogger states: “To me, looking at the end of a conference talk and discovering a hefty endnote with additional stuff to chew on is like following a scripture footnote and discovering a big helpful explanation that I didn’t realize existed.” Click in for more!

Brazil blog: Do you remember a few weeks ago I featured Murilo Vicente L. Ribeiro, the 25-year-old blogger participating in a national Brazilian blog competition? Well, he emailed me to let me know the result: “Participated in TopBlog Brazil on Saturday and was in second place as most popular (religion) blog of Brazil. Next year we will work to stay in first.” Read all about it here (in Portuguese). And congratulations!

Super Bowl: Whether or not you will be celebrating the big game on Sunday, this “Buffalo Wing Dip” looks absolutely amazing! Doesn’t it just make your mouth water? Click in to read how to make this delicious dish!

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