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Jonathan Wenk, AP
This film image released by Summit Entertainment shows Rob Corddry, right, and Nicholas Hoult in a scene from "Warm Bodies." (AP Photo/Summit Entertainment, Jonathan Wenk)

Violence: Even though this may seem to be a romantic comedy, there are scenes that could be in any horror film. Zombies attack people and eat them. Humans and zombies battle each other, and there is a sense of danger throughout most of the film.

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Gore: Zombies are shown eating people. Viewers are told that one zombie is eating a brain. There are two kinds of zombies, those with skin and those without. There is some blood shown, but not as much as there could be.

Language/nudity: There are swear words but a lot less than there could be. The same goes for any nudity. There is a scene where the female lead undresses to dry her clothes, but she leaves her underwear on.

This is a very different take on zombie films. Despite being refreshing, it is still a little strange. One scene does have a person drinking, but nothing in excess. The PG-13 rating is appropriate, but depending on your kids, you may want to wait until they are 14 or 15.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.