Matt Townsend, relationship and communication expert, will be on Mormon Times TV this Sunday with Michelle King.

One of my favorite friends at Brigham Young University didn’t get married during college — or even soon after graduation. In fact, this amazing woman didn’t find her mate until several years later. But I really admired her attitude during the many years she lived alone. I remember her telling me that, while she was single, she was grateful for a good job, great friends, supportive family, and the ability to serve, travel and do some exciting things with her life. She didn’t want to sit at home feeling sorry for herself or wallowing in self-pity because she couldn’t find a spouse. This talented lady simply wanted to be happy and live life to the fullest — no matter what her marital status.

My friend had a fantastic attitude. But, sometimes, mid-singles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (ages 31-45) get down on themselves, they can’t figure out where they belong so they can contribute, and have a hard time balancing their social needs with their spiritual desires.

This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” relationship coach Matt Townsend will be along to help us see how the church’s mid-singles don’t have to give in or give up. And two accomplished LDS mid-singles will join me to talk about how men and women older than 30 can stay steadfast in the LDS Church.

Plus you’ll see how an LDS network television producer decided to use her 31st year to learn how to date — with eye-opening results.

Also on our Feb. 3 show, you’ll see what drives YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling and why this dancing violinist depends on her faith to move her forward.

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