Larry Richman
Larry Richman took this photo of the Brigham City Temple and turned it into the team, and they used it in the Ensign.

Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints make it into a lot of YouTube videos. Whether it be a wedding video, a drive-by “Hey, look at that building” or as a centerpiece to a spiritual experience, temples are magnificent video backdrops.

This photographer takes us on video lessons of how to photograph Mormon temples, at night, at sunrise, in the snow and more. Check out his tutorials of the following gorgeous temples:

And here’s an 11-second drive by of the magnificent Washington D.C. Temple in winter that just made me smile.

I’ve highlighted the Gilbert Arizona Temple construction photos, courtesy of an on-the-ball blogger, and today, I’ll spotlight this amazing video slideshow of the Gilbert (Arizona) Temple that takes us through most of the construction process. Awesome and awe-inspiring. Click to watch!

Finally, if you want to get some scholarly discussions on temples, both ancient and modern (but mostly ancient) check out this YouTube channel that is highlighting lectures from the recent “Mormonism and the Temple” conference in October. Features insights from Margaret Barker, John Fowles, Philip Barlow, Daniel Peterson and more. Click in!

Now let me showcase other awe-inspiring posts from around the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Such a simple Young Women’s activity, but one that could have lifelong reverberations to how these youth look at the power of education. The BYU Women in the Law blog highlights how some “Kansas Young Women Tour(ed a) Law School” meeting with women lawyers and asking questions. “Three female attorneys, Sandra Sharon (administrative judge), Holly Fisher (lawyer for the Kansas Corporation Commission) and Angel Zimmerman (managing partner, Valentine, Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.), who also happen to be their Young Women leaders, were present to answer their questions. Some of the questions and answers focused on attending law school, the joy of learning, their love of reading and interacting with the law." Cool!

Techie tip: Speaking of beautiful photos of temples you may take, you can share these with the LDS Church as outlined by this post all about “Member-Submitted Photos & Music.” Here’s a glimpse: “Here’s a personal experience. I took several photos in September while at the open house of the Brigham City (Utah) Temple with my family. This temple is special to me because I used to live in the adjoining block and my elementary school was on the block where the temple now stands. Some of the photos I took turned out pretty well, so I submitted them through, and one of my photos was chosen to be published in the In the News section on page 78 of the January Ensign in an article about the dedication of the temple. It makes me feel good that my talents can benefit the church.”

Here is one of many examples of how members highlight temples in YouTube videos.

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