Momon Messages
Get a glimpse of the correlation between “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" in this newest Mormon Message video.

Mormon Messages: “Noble fatherhood gives a glimpse of the divine,” said President James E. Faust, a late counselor of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This quote begins the newest Mormon Message video that attempts to give us a glimpse of the correlation between “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father.” Wow. Check it out.

Mission advice: “1) Be yourself. The church isn't calling 'a missionary' to go to Berlin, Germany. It is calling you. There is someone there who needs more than just 'a missionary.' There is someone there who needs you...” This is the first of six pieces of marvelous advice that this loving and wise father is giving his daughter “As She Departs on a Mission.” Just read, and then pass on to any would-be Mormon missionaries in your life.

Infertility thoughts: “I have pain. A deep pain it's really hard to describe unless you've felt it yourself. It cuts so deep within your heart sometimes it catches my breath in my chest and only a quiet prayer to my Father in Heaven carries me through it. Because in that moment I can't carry myself. It's my pain and (most of the time) I can work through it, accept it and one day hopefully be thankful for it making me a better mother and a better wife. I'm not her but it's OK. I'm OK with that.” After reading a post about one woman’s postitive experiences with infertility, this blogger puts her heart on display describing her own experiences. It’s powerful in it’s honesty. Please read.

Prayer FHE: This blogger goes all out in preparing this week’s spotlighted family home evening blog post. Titled “Heavenly Father Answers Prayers FHE,” it includes many scriptures, resources, history stories, discussion prompts, songs and much more. Click in to craft your own FHE based on this well-crafted outline. And the outline is even printable! Nice.

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