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"Your Primal Body" is by Mikki Reilly.

Don’t let go of those resolutions to eat healthier, get fit and lose weight just yet. Here are some books about being healthy and dieting that have crossed our desks recently.

FINISHED BEING FAT: An Accidental Adventure in Losing Weight and Learning How to Finish,” by Betsy Schow, Plain Sight Publishing, $12.99, 133 pages (nf)

Utahn Betsy Schow lost 75 pounds in a year and ran a marathon, too. The stay-at-home mom of two has compiled “all ... the things I learned while I was losing weight and running that changed my life forever.”

More books on fitness, health and dieting recently released:

RUNNING A MARATHON FOR DUMMIES,” by Jason R. Karp: Includes exercises, programs and tips to improve running stamina, speed and health. It includes programs for going from the couch to running a marathon to help for seasoned runners.

BELLY FAT FOR DUMMIES,” by Erin Palinski-Wade: The author, a nutrition and fitness expert, looks at ways to make changes to reduce body fat in an affordable, easy way, despite what you may like to eat.

"THE BEST THING YOU CAN EAT: For Everything from Aches to Zzzz, the Definitive Guide to the Nutrition-Packed Foods that Energize, Heal and Help You Look Great," by David Grotto: The author uses three categories — vital nutrients, best foods for whatever ails you and best in show — as he lists the nutritional value of foods and their best uses.

THE DASH DIET WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION,” by Marla Heller: Based on the dash diet, Marla Heller adapts it for weight loss in this hardback book.

WEIGHT LOSS FOR PEOPLE WHO FEEL TOO MUCH,” by Colette Baron-Reid: In this hardback book, the author has compiled a four-step, eight-week program for managing empathy overload, which she says is a hidden cause for unwanted weight gain.

SKINNY SMOOTHIES: 101 Delicious Drinks that Help You Detox and Lose Weight,” by Shell Harries and Elizabeth Johnson: Includes recipes and tips to help start and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they also detail what health benefits are in each fruit, vegetable and herb in the smoothies.

BODY BY YOU: The You are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women’s Fitness,” by Mark Lauren with Joshua Clark: The author of “You are Your Own Gym” now brings an at-home, no-equipment-required, get-in-shape fitness program designed for women.

YOUR PRIMAL BODY: The Paleo Way to Living Lean, Fit and Healthy at Any Age,” by Mikki Reilly: The author looks back to Paleolithic hunter-gather ancestors as she approaches exercise, fitness and health.


THE MAYO CLINIC DIET,” by the weight-loss experts at the Mayo Clinic; "THE PHYSIQUE SOLUTION: The Groundbreaking 2-Week Plan for a Lean, Beautiful Body," by Tanya Becker and JEnnifer Maanavi

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