Learning to better coordinate the new youth curriculum.

Bible Video: You kind of sit on the edge of your seat during Peter’s testimony of Jesus Christ while watching the newest Bible video since it is titled “Peter Preaches and is Arrested.” It’s powerful to see him continue to preach while being arrested. Check it out.

New curriculum: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launches its new curriculum for 2013 — how is your local ward in “Coordinating the LDS Youth Lessons?” Larry Richman poses these four important questions for both young men/young women instructors and Sunday school teachers to consider. First, do they talk with each other and plan mutually beneficial lessons? Second, do they evaluate the success of lessons? Three, do they give the youths learning activities to do during the week? Fourth, do they follow up on these actions? Want some extra help? Then check out the “LDS Teachers” Facebook open page for ideas and discussions about creative ways for implanting the new curriculum.

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Peter and John are arrested for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

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