OGDEN — Weber State University has named a professor to the first endowed chair in the school's history

Stanley Fawcett has been named to the John B. Goddard Endowed Chair in Global Supply Chain Management. WSU has the only supply chain management program in Utah, according to the university.

“Dr. Fawcett was chosen for this honor because of his outstanding research as well as his dynamic teaching,” said Jeff Steagall, dean of the John B. Goddard School of Business and Economics.

John Goddard and his wife, Geraldine, provided funds to create the chair. The endowed chair will allow WSU to recruit internationally for teaching and research faculty.

Supply chain management is a fairly new discipline that focuses on teaching companies how to maximize profits by improving relationships with consumers and suppliers.

Improving the standard of living for everyone is Fawcett’s ultimate goal. “Our graduates will possess the skills they need to get great jobs,” Fawcett said. “In return, companies will be thrilled to hire them because they will be able to meet their customers’ needs.”