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Deseret Book
"Standing UP in a Sit-Down World" is by Merrilee Boyack.

Life moves fast, and there are a million things clamoring for our attention. It’s easy to become focused on our own busy lives and neglect the people and issues that need our attention. Often, we feel exhausted and overwhelmed before we have even begun — unsure of who, how or even if we should help.

"It is not enough to be good," said President Gordon B. Hinckley, who was president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1995-2008. "You must be good for something."

In her book, "Standing Up in a Sit-Down World” (Deseret Book, $14.99), Merrilee Boyack reminds us that any good we do, however small, does make a difference. Her simple, upbeat ideas for how to stand up and make a difference will make you think and get the whole family involved. The ideas in this book would also make some wonderful home evening lessons.

Some of her ideas include:

Decide to be a giver and not a taker because "takers are never happy." When life is hard, “Stop looking in the mirror and start looking out the window.”

The life of Jesus Christ was lived in “little moments” helping one person at a time. We have the same ability to help others as we serve, and it only needs to take a second.

A single voice, no matter our age, can make a difference. We should use our voice to stand up wherever we are.

Jesus’ heart was full of love, and we can feel and give his love as we choose to love those around us.

Life-changing CPR requires "caring plus response." Doing good and standing up require action.

Janele Payne is a technology-savvy mother of three. Her email is janelepayne@gmail.com.