SOUTH JORDAN — Wayne Bonner has anxiously watched the news coming out of Russia for more than a week, while his wife has been getting to know the little girl in Moscow who they hope will soon become part of their family. 

With recent news that adoptive American families with court decrees secured before January will still be able to go through with their adoptions despite a recent ban, Geana Bonner set out on her fourth trip to Russia on Jan. 13. This time, the family hopes 5-year-old Jayme will return with her.

Wayne Bonner said the family is optimistic but still cautious to believe the situation has been resolved.

"We don't know any of the exact details yet," he said. "We're very excited, but we feel like we're not in limbo anymore."

Geana Bonner and another adoptive-mother-to-be from Idaho are waiting for the decree to be signed, allowing them to secure passports and bring the children to the U.S. Both families are adopting children with Down syndrome.

The women have been able to spend time with the children, and Geana Bonner reports Jayme is "full of life," a playful and active girl who has spent her whole life in orphanages, Wayne Bonner said.

"We're just excited to give this girl a family," he said.

The Bonners have two biological daughters, ages 3 and 1, who are looking forward to meeting their sister and having their mother home. The Bonners' 3-year-old daughter also has Down syndrome.

"We've missed my wife, but we know that's where she needs to be, and we're glad that she's been there so she could act so quickly," Wayne Bonner said. "The most difficult part was just not knowing."

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: McKenzieRomero