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Give your turkey burgers a unique and delicious twist with a creamy avocado hummus.

Leave work, pick the kids up from school, make a mad dash to basketball and dance practice, and then race home with barely enough time to do homework with the kids.

Life doesn't leave much room for error for many Utah families, and often healthy dinners are passed over for something that is quick and easy to prepare, like fast food or frozen pizza.

As a single dad, I'll admit that my days are pretty hectic, and it's easier to pick up a prepared meal rather than cook something from scratch.

With the new year upon us, it's a great time to analyze your family's nutrition, and come up with ways to substitute healthier ingredients into the weekly menu.

The all-American cheeseburger and fries tastes great, but a turkey burger is going to be a better choice for a dinnertime meal. For a unique and delicious twist, try this turkey burger with avocado hummus spread that I created and is online at HealthWitness.com.


1 pound 93-percent lean ground turkey

1 container hummus

1 avocado

2 cups shredded spinach

4 whole-grain buns or bagels

Cut the bread in halves, and preheat your grill or stove to medium-high heat. Form the ground turkey into four burger-sized patties, and grill until thoroughly cooked. Add the avocado to the hummus, and mix thoroughly. Spread the mixture onto each of the bread slices, and top with spinach, the turkey burger patty, and any other toppings your family would like.

Andrew Johnson is a writer, former radio reporter, avid outdoors-man and single father. He makes his home in Salt Lake County with his two children.