HARRISVILLE, Weber County — Crews needed about an hour to knock down a house fire Sunday.

About 6:30 p.m., a homeowner at 571 E. 3300 North started a fire in his basement fire place, said Northview Deputy Fire Chief Dave Wade. About 30 minutes later, he noticed smoke coming out of the eaves of his roof and called 911.

"It was basically a chimney fire that got into the attic and then it ended out the swamp cooler," Wade said. "When we arrived, there were flames coming out of the swamp cooler."

There were no injuries. Wade said firefighters had to battle both the fire and the extreme cold.

"Being as cold as it is, it changes the dynamics of how you fight the fire," he said. "These temperatures and water don't mix very well."

Pat Reavy, Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam