Chase Clements, of Lewiston, Cache County, had been missing since Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013.

NORTH LOGAN — A 22-year-old Cache Valley man believed to be missing has made contact with a friend, ending a search and Internet campaign that began when he didn't show up for work Thursday.

Word began to spread Monday that Chase Clements, of Lewiston, had been located in Nevada. About 3 p.m., Clements posted on the Facebook page that had been used to spread the word about his disappearance.

Clements apologized in the post for worrying his family and the public, explaining that frustrations in his life had led him to set out in his vehicle on a trip that lasted longer than he anticipated. 

"It was very selfish but at the same time it was something I was doing for myself that I felt I needed," Clements said. "I am so sorry to everyone I did not mean for this to escalate to this it was the last thing on my mind."

Clements' mother also posted on the Facebook page, thanking the public for their prayers as the family begins to heal.

Family members filed a report with police last week after Clements didn't show up for work at the JBS Swift meat packing plant Thursday. It appeared he left without taking any clothes or belongings and leaving his dog behind. Bank records indicate his credit card was used at a Nevada gas station and motel late Thursday night or Friday morning, family members said.

McKenzie Romero, Twitter: McKenzieRomero