Washington Post
This photo of a Washington Post article written by Carolyn Hax on May 23, 2007, is making the rounds on Facebook.

If you happen to be a mom or have friends on Facebook who are moms, you may have already seen a popular article from the Washington Post circulating on the social networking site. Even though the article was originally published in 2007, it continues to receive support and even praise, as the photo of the printed article has been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook.

Anytime someone wants to question what exactly stay-at-home moms do, the discussion gets heated. That is exactly what happened when an anonymous reader put her question to Carolyn Hax: "Why don't friends with kids have time?"

The reader suggests that her friends must be lying about their busy schedules, and that staying at home with a child could not be that difficult. She asks, "What do stay-at-home moms do all day? Please no lists of library, grocery store, dry cleaners. ... I do all those things too. ... What is a typical day, and why don't moms have time for a call or email?"

This reader from Tacoma, Wash., must have pushed a button for not only Hax but many other moms on Facebook. The answer Hax gives is exactly what thousands of mothers wished more people understood: Motherhood is hard.

As Hax puts it, "It's needing 45 minutes to do what takes others 15 minutes."

Responses to the article on Facebook have been nothing but positive.

Mandy Paavola said, "Thanks for posting this! I'm printing it out and putting it on my fridge!" Leah Wright said, "Better than I ever could've put it." Jennifer Stewart, who posted the article on Facebook, said, "Best article I've ever read."

Sarah Sanders Petersen is an intern for Deseret News, where she writes for Mormon Times and other feature articles. She is a communications major and editing minor from Brigham Young University.