Chase Clements, of Lewiston, Cache County, has been missing since Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013.

NORTH LOGAN — The family and friends of a 22-year-old Cache Valley man who hasn't been heard from since Wednesday are searching for answers.

Chase Clements, of Lewiston, didn't show up for work at the JBS Swift meat packing plant in Hyrum on Thursday and didn't play in his weekly billiards league that night. One of his roommates last saw him Wednesday, his parents said.

"This is extremely out of character," said his mother, Nancy Clements, who last spoke with her son by cell phone Tuesday. She said he sounded upbeat and positive as usual.

"As a parent, as a mother, if Chase is OK, I need to know so I could be at peace with that. I just pray there will be some resolution with this soon. His family and his friends are deeply, deeply saddened," she said.

The family found out through a bank that Clements' debit card was used at Motel 6, a gas station and an ATM in a store in Ely, Nev., between late Thursday and Friday morning.

"We can't believe he would up and vanish," said his father, Mark Clements, who described the past few days as "gut-wrenching."

The Clements family filed a report with Ely police. Because their son is an adult, they need legal authority to access his financial or other records.

"They do have some video surveillance stuff that we can get a hold of, but at this time we can't, until we get through the legal process," Mark Clements said.

The family doesn't know if Clements left on his own or if something happened to him, but they said he would never leave his dog behind.

"His dog was his baby," Nancy Clements said. He also didn't take any clothes or personal items from his apartment.

The Cache County Sheriff's Office is investigating, and according to the family, has listed Clements as a missing person.

"I think right now we just need some answers," Mark Clements said. "We need some clarity with what's going on. Right now we're not at peace."

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