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Dear Angela,

I’m not sure what’s going on but all of a sudden my mom is wearing what looks like pounds of makeup day and night! The colors are way too harsh for her face and whatever look she is going for — it’s just not working. I don’t understand the change in style, but whatever the reason, how can I tell her it’s not good without hurting her feelings?


Only Daughter

Dear Only Daughter,

Being a daughter is so great, especially as you get older because you can pay your mom back for all of those times she didn’t let you leave the house in first to 12th grades looking a hot mess! Your mom is looking for a new look — be a consultant rather than a critic.

No need to have a sit-down, “you-don’t-look-good,-Mom” convo. Instead, introduce her to some products/colors/techniques that will enhance her look. I’d start with sharing a better shade for her lips — moms love lipstick — and I’d even introduce her to some of the beauty boards on Pinterest so she can explore some of the newest (age-appropriate) trends.

In this situation, think of your mom as your very best of girlfriends and remember that women of any and every age want to look and feel good and sometimes need some help to do so.

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This will be a great time for you two — have fun!



P.S. Sometimes when people give me appearance advice my natural instinct is to take an attitude of, “Well, what are you trying to say?” If your mom is the same way, introduce things slowly and find ways to sincerely compliment the things she tries that are working!

Daughters: What are some of the best beauty tips your moms have given you? Moms: What are some of the best beauty tips your daughters have given you?Dads & Sons: You’re welcome — love the women in your life.

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