HIGHLAND — Lone Peak, a nationally ranked team, has consistently won all its games, save one, by very large margins. The one game it did lose came at the hands of a team under similar acclaim.

Now the Knights have been highlighted in a short feature video by Stack.com.

Lone Peak is led by the trio of Nick Emery, Eric Mika and T.J. Haws, all of whom have committed verbally to BYU. They been playing basketball together since they were in elementary school.

"This team, this year, we've all played with each other growing up," Nick Emery told Stack.

"Being able to play all these years together," T.J. Haws told the website, "it just gets better and better, it feels like."

Emery, in the Stack video, says his team's depth and teamwork has really brought the team to a new level

"We've got eight, nine guys that can play anywhere, but it's that team chemisty and coming together that's huge. We've got high expectations."

On Thursday, the Knights beat rival American Fork 67-42. Mika, Emery, Haws and Lone Peak's Connor Toolson all finished with more than 10 points.

Landon Hemsley is the sports content manager for DeseretNews.com. Email: lhemsley@deseretnews.com. Twitter: @EarlOfHemsley