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Caleb Warnock
"Trouble's on the Menu," the new novel/recipe book from Caleb Warnock, is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

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It’s the middle of winter here in North America — the time for snow and freezing temperatures, the time when nothing grows in the garden. At least that’s what most of us have come to think, but you might be surprised to know just how much you can grow all winter long. In fact, the skills of winter gardening were common knowledge and even common practice up until just 50 or so years ago.

This week we’ll talk to an expert on winter gardening — a man who manages to feed his entire family from his garden all winter long. In this interview you’ll learn how a winter garden works, how self-sufficiency trumps preparedness, plus you’ll also learn a simple secret to always having a garden no matter where you live.

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