Elder Tom Bickmore
Missionaries in Cardston, Alberta, Canada, stand next to a logo of the city that contains a depiction of the Cardston Alberta Temple.

Malueka church: “The chapel isn't big enough for all the members so they've put an awning outside and about 25 people sat there. Because there was no microphone, I doubt that they heard much of the meeting. It's always amazing to me that they are so patient and willing to deal with inconveniences. They sat reverently and faithfully through the whole meeting.” This is what it is like at “Church in Malueka,” Africa. Wow. Click in for photos. Just look at the roads these members have to travel just to get to church.

Missionary feet: Did you know that the city logo in Cardston, Alberta, Canada, includes the temple? I didn’t and so marveled at this photograph at Keepapitchinin, which, incidentally, also features some “Feet of Them that Bring Good Tidings.” Love it!

Powerful prayers: Church historian Kate Holbrook writes a beautiful essay on “Why I Pray," citing her recent battle with cancer in her eye: “Prayers from others on my behalf have been a tremendous help to me these past four months. So much of the isolation of suffering is ameliorated in knowing that others consciously remember you, intentionally maintain an awareness of your circumstance and spend a portion of their communication with the divine in supplication on your behalf. … I knew what I had received from others’ prayers, in particular a tangible, abiding sense of God’s comfort, love and peace as I have moved through states that were physically and psychologically disorienting, painful and leading to unknown destinations.” Please read.

Faith articles: If your children need to practice their handwriting or are memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith, or perhaps both, check out this handy “13 Articles of Faith Cursive Copybook” that can be downloaded and printed. Wouldn’t this make a great quiet-time activity for church meetings? Click in.

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