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D-Wade has Jazz fan ejected from ESA

Dwyane Wade capped an unimpressive night in Utah by having a Jazz fan ejected. The fan, who was sitting courtside, was escorted out by security after allegedly heckling the Miami Heat guard.

The Heat were down by 20 with three minutes left in the third quarter when Wade pointed out the fan to security. The fan was able to get in a few final words before being ejected.

The heckling must have worked. After a lackluster third quarter, Wade spent most of the rest of the game on the bench.

Hawks score 58, set slew of ignominious records

The Atlanta Hawks set numerous franchise records for futility in their 97-58 loss to the Bulls in Chicago. It was the fewest points ever scored by the Hawks since moving to Atlanta.

The Hawks had a five-point second quarter, scoring two points over a 13:22 span that included 11 turnovers and 19 missed shots (That's kind of like a double-double, right?)

Spygate 2.0, Knicks owner secretly records Melo's game banter

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Knicks player Carmelo Anthony better watch what he says. After getting in a scuffle with Celtics player Kevin Garnett, Anthony waited outside the locker room and in front of the Celtics' team bus to confront Garnett, for which Anthony received a one-game suspension.

Prior to the Knicks game against the Hornets, team owner James Dolan allegedly had employees record Anthony’s in-game conversations without Anthony's knowledge using parabolic microphones.

There has been no official explanation from the Knicks organization as to why the recordings took place, but there is speculation that Dolan is out to protect his player by proving that he has become a verbal target.

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