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The 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids SportsKids of the Year

Seven-year-old Cayden Long is unable to walk or talk on his own after being born with cerebral palsy, but that hasn't stopped his nine-year-old brother Conner from including his younger brother in his athletic endeavors. Conner brings along his younger brother when he participates in triathlons by pulling him in a raft when he swims, towing him in a trailer when he bikes and pushing him as he runs.

At the awards ceremony, an emotional Conner graciously accepted the award with his brother and parents standing with him. A misty eyed LeBron James said that their story was an inspiration to him and his two sons, and invited them to Miami to attend a Heat game and meet the team.

No cup is safe

New Team Nike member Rory McIlroy recently teamed up with Tiger Woods in a new commercial.

The commercial features the pair on a driving range trying to one up each other in an informal shot for shot competition.

A series of increasingly absurd shots ensues followed by a healthy amount of trash talk.

"Dude is that your real hair?"

Fan's half court shot is an NBA first (probably)

During the halftime show at the Atlanta Hawks-Utah Jazz game, one lucky Atlanta fan had the opportunity to win $1,000 if he was able to sink a shot from half court.

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His one handed heave had the distance and was on line but was stopped dead after the ball unexpectedly got stuck between the backboard and rim. After some assistance from the announcer, the ball was dislodged and fell through the hoop.

The fan was awarded the $1,000 prize despite the freak occurrence. Unfortunately for Utah, the Jazz big men must not have been paying attention. During the 103-95 loss they grabbed only seven offensive rebounds in the game, lower than the average of the league's worst rebounding team.

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