Mission infograph: The Mormon Newsroom tweeted out this twitpic of an infograph that shows “The Dedicated Life of a Mormon Missionary” with some absolutely fascinating factoids. For instance, do you know how many hours of collective service are dedicated to helping the community each year: 11,000,000+ hours. That’s in the millions. Wow. Click in to learn more or even better, to share!

Missionary firsts: “Firsts: Groundbreaking for the mission home on Belliar Park. Lasts: The old Freetown missionary apartment on Belliar Park is demolished so that the new mission home can be constructed.” This clever post describes some “First and Lasts” in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission and includes both photos and video. Plus see how the missionaries conserve the water used for baptisms, that, as this blogger puts it, “is precious as gold.” Wow.

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Arizona temple: Let’s check in on the construction progress of the “Gilbert LDS Temple” since they just uploaded a beautiful new photo. Looks close to completion!

FHE idea: Oh, I just love when people make good use of the LDS Church's resources, perfectly illustrated in this family home evening outline where this blogger uses a Mormon Messages video to teach the lesson that “I Am A Child of God.” Click in for the full FHE outline that also includes a sweet new way of playing the classic game “Spin the Bottle.”

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