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Covenant Communications
"History of the Saints: Building Zion, Season 2" is a DVD by Covenant Communications.

"HISTORY OF THE SAINTS: Building Zion, Season 2," hosted by Glenn Rawson, Covenant Communications, $39.99 (nf)

"History of the Saints: Building Zion" tells the story of early Mormon pioneers as they arrive in Utah and strive to make their new desert blossom like a rose.

Glenn Rawson, the host of the series, sets the context for the second season of "History of the Saints." “As 1847 draws to a close and ’48 opens, where are the Saints? What’s going on with the church? What’s the story of the people, the places and the events of the Latter-day Saints?”

This compilation of DVDs weaves together personal stories with various overarching contextual themes. Viewers learn of the evolving roles and personalities of early leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the impact of the Gold Rush on Latter-day Saints, relationships with Native Americans, and much more.

Each story is told in one of 35 episodes averaging just over 20 minutes. Rawson’s trademark voice and the use of beautiful audio and visual aids make the series a treat to watch. The stories themselves help viewers better understand and appreciate their faith, and frequent expert commentary ensures the episodes entertain, edify and teach not through half-true faith-promoting rumors, but with well-documented historical facts.

Season 2 of "History of the Saints" is fun, edifying and instructive.

Kurt Manwaring has a masters degree in public administration from the University of Utah and maintains a personal blog at www.kurtsperspective.blogspot.com.