Jason Olson,
Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman poses for a portrait in his office in Provo Friday, October 10, 2008. Photo by Jason Olson

PROVO — Utah County Attorney Jeffrey Buhman has been notified that his Utah Army National Guard Unit will be deployed in March.

Buhman has been in the National Guard for 15 years, but this marks his first deployment since being elected as Utah County attorney in 2006, he said Thursday. He was re-elected in 2010 and his current term continues through 2014.

Buhman said he expects his deployment will be less than a year.

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By statute, Buhman is required to notify the Utah County Commission of his pending deployment. The commission then notifies the Utah County Republican Party, as Buhman is a Republican, which will then have a central committee nominate three people to fill Buhman's post during his absence.

Buhman said the County Commission then has 30 days to select someone from those nominated by the central committee. While Buhman is on the central committee and can lobby for his choice of replacement, he said: "I don't get to dictate anything."

He anticipates that he will return in advance of any filing deadlines should he choose to seek a third term.

Buhman is married and has three children.

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