Gail Burton, AP
Astronomer Adam Riess sits in his office at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Space sciences, including astronomy, was the most employable field in 2012.

Media and communication workers are the most unemployed people in the nation, but maybe not for long.

This week, the Wall Street Journal released an unemployment rates by occupation list. But the problem with looking at the most employable and unemployable jobs is that next year, it could be completely different, as is shown by the media industry.

Most employable jobs of 2012 by percent

Least employable jobs of 2012 by percent

In 2011, media and communication equipment workers had a 2.7 percent unemployment rate. Incredibly, in 2012 it rose 40.8 percentage points to 43.5 percent unemployment.

The area includes occupations in arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations.

For atmospheric and space scientists, the unemployment rate was 0 percent in 2012, but the year previous it was 4.6 percent.