A “phishing” scam promising two free airline tickets has made its way back to Facebook.

Receiving two free tickets from Southwest Airlines for simply following an online link sounds too good to be true.

That’s because it is.

A “phishing” scam promising two free airline tickets has made its way back to Facebook.

The scam has managed to make multiple appearances on Facebook and via email since it began in November 2011, according to Snopes.com.

“Southwest Airlines is currently working to squash several scams involving 'two free tickets.' Please do not click on these links, or give away any of your personal information,” Southwest said on its official Facebook page.

Users are asked to “share” the scam on Facebook in order to receive the tickets, tricking them into spreading it to their friends. They are then asked to input personal information, like name, age, address and phone numbers.

But that personal information is then used for telemarketing, which is included in the fine print.

Newer versions of the scam include a “lifejacking” attack, or a malicious script that sends the scam to their friends without permission.

Other airlines have been the subjects of online scams as well, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“These messages may claim that you have purchased a Delta ticket, a credit card has been charged, order has been completed, an invoice/receipt is attached to an email or (a) website may offer free flights for following or liking an account. If you see or receive one of these messages, do not open attachments as it may contain potentially dangerous viruses or harm your computer,” Delta Air Lines told the Dallas Morning News in a statement.

Some Facebook users are calling for tighter regulations to avoid scams like these.

“FB should tighten their security,” said Pandi Perumal, a Facebook user who commented on the Southwest fan page. “There seems to be some loophole in their security. SW Airline should lodge an official complaint to FB.”

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