SALT LAKE CITY — A breakdown on a southbound FrontRunner train stranded or delayed hundreds of commuters in the cold Thursday evening.

UTA issued an alert at 5:22 p.m. advising that the train had broken down and immediately began coordinating a bus bridge to shuttle passengers between the Draper and Lehi stations. Meanwhile, an estimated 200 to 250 passengers on the stalled train were stuck on board.

The train got moving again just after 7 p.m., resuming FrontRunner service along the line. 

UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter said the train broke down in the single-track area of the Jordan River Narrows, making access difficult for responding mechanics and a swap to a funtioning train impossible.

"It was an unfortunate location for it to break down. There in the narrows is very difficult to access," he said. "And certainly it made for a cold night for those who were having to wait longer than usual for a train to arrive."

It is still unclear whether the malfunction was electrical or mechanical. UTA will be looking for ways to improve response in similar situations, Carpenter said.

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: @McKenzieRomero