Youth in Manaus, Brazil, participate in a cultural celebration in preparation for the dedication of the temple there.

Church media: Make the resolution to "Use More Church Media," advises Larry Richman, and I heartily agree. To make it easy, Richman has compiled a whole list of links (12) to video outlets from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including Mormon Messages, Bible Videos, One in a Million Videos for Children and much more. Click in and bookmark.

Missionary work: I love seeing how missionaries celebrate holidays; in this case, it's the New Year's holiday in the San Salvador El Salvador Mission. But this blog post also gives a glimpse of the work these missionaries are doing for those wishing to attend the temple: "What a blessing each of these four couples has been in helping start this new temple and teaching our brand-new temple workers. Each day the temple is open they have either an eight- to nine-hour morning/afternoon shift, or an eight- to nine-hour afternoon/evening shift. They are such a blessing to the work in this temple." Wow. Click in to read more!

Brazilian temple: Speaking of the blessings of the temple, youths in Brazil share their testimonies about the new temple in the Manaus area. I love that the video is in Portuguese. I also love seeing these vibrant youths participate in the cultural celebration. And I love just learning about "Our Temple in the Amazon" from the youths themselves. Click in to view and share.

Primary helps: In a Primary presidency calling? Then bookmark this "January 2013 Sharing Time Helps and Ideas" post to come up with ways to teach the Primary children this month. Check it out.

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