Elders Jardine and Starley enjoy a New Year's Eve dinner at the mission home in the Alabama Birmingham Mission.

New Year's: The Alabama Birmingham Mission held a special missionwide conference call on New Year's Eve where the president took the opportunity to teach the Mormon missionaries some of the history, both world and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of the holiday. Plus, "We discussed the idea that each new year provides us a new beginning. In this gift of life, we are the stewards of precious commodities. 1. Time 2. Talents 3. Resources." Wow. Click in to learn more right along with the missionaries.

Scriptures resolution: Larry Richman is making brilliant use of blog technology to produce a series on spiritual resolutions complete with lists of resources. Today's topic? "Read Scriptures Daily." He explains "Resolution #1: Use church resources to enhance your daily study of the scriptures. The LDS Church provides the scriptures online, in audio format, and in traditional printed formats." Check out all the links and suggestions.

Lifestyle changes: Or you can do what this blogger does and "Just Say No to New Years Resolutions." Why? She explains, "How many times have you set a goal on New Year's Day of what you wanted to accomplish for the year? Probably all of us. How long did it take before you gave up that goal?" Instead, she advises, "Changing the way you see your resolution — not as a goal but as a lifestyle change — will help immensely in your ability to achieve what it is you want to accomplish." And she provides a handy list for doing just that. Check it out.

Best of: No Stick Steel Cut Oats. Dollar Store Chili. Chocolate-covered Coconut Peanut Butter Bites. These are just three recipes of many "Fan and Personal Faves of 2012" from this food blogger who specializes in slow cooker concoctions. Click in for more and be ready to have your mouth water.

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