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Ravell Call, Deseret News
Monica Rossano holds her daughter Anna-Sofia who was born at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013 at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. Anna-Sofia weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19.5 inches long.

MURRAY — Monica Rossano tempted fate.

The Sandy mother of three boys, all of whom were born before their due dates, was 38 weeks pregnant shopping at a Costco on New Year's Eve to prepare for a family New Year's Day gathering. While walking the aisles of the store, she felt labor pains.

"I thought, I'll just rest, keep my feet up, drink some water and it would go away," she said.

Anna-Sofia Rossano had other plans.

About 10 p.m. Monday, Sal and Monica Rossano were en route to Intermountain Medical Center. One minute after midnight Tuesday, Monica Rossano gave birth to the 6 pound 11 ounce baby girl, making her the first baby born in Utah for 2013.

"She came two weeks early. She chose this day all on her own," said Monica Rossano.

Sal Rossano, whose birthday is New Year's Eve, chimed in, "We missed the tax deduction by two minutes."

Anna-Sofia was 19.5 inches long. The Rossanos had selected her name more than eight years ago during Monica Rossano's first pregnancy.

But the couple's first three children were boys. The Rossanos made their caregivers "reconfirm the ultrasound several times" to ensure their fourth child was, indeed, a girl, Sal Rossano said.

Monica Rossano said she was tickled pink over the prospect of having a girl, given that her household is awash in blue with three sons and her husband's affinity for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I want the bows. I want the pink. I want the shopping. We'll have to see. She's going to have three older brothers and she'll probably be the biggest tomboy ever."

As for being the first baby born in Utah in 2013, it was "a sweet surprise," Monica Rossano said.

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